BookDroid audiobook listener for Android

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BookDroid audiobook listener for Android

Postby bookdroid » Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:56 pm

Absent Oy has published BookDroid audio book listener
for Android Platform

Want to take your audio book library on the go with your mobile,
but your phone doesn´t have a good player for them, well now you have.

Product homepage:

BookDroid audio book listener features are:

* Player portion designed audio books in mind
* Supports all audio files that Android platform supports
* Contains personal audio book library, where you can
add/remove/modify audio books
* No matter if your audio book is in a single file or multiple
files, you can combine them into one audio book
* Supports bookmarks in audio books
* Auto save keeps the right position whether application is
shut down unexpectedly
* Undo button remembers last position if mistakenly you
seek or skip while listening
* Supports skip seeking (with configurable skip step) and
track seeking
* You can download thousands of royalty free books straight
within the application
* Downloads can be either audio files, or zip files, which BookDroid
automatically extracts them if they are archives
* Audio books can be transferred through USB or similar method
to device´s memory card (just like music)


Due to limitations on Android Market in Finland, BookDroid
cannot be sold through Android Market yet. Because this inconvenience
we are offering a special discount for the application before it is released
through the Android Market, so be sure to grab it now.

We are sorry because we have to circumvent the selling through a third party,
but alas when Android Market accepts payments in Finland, we will
release it fully through Android Market. Those who will buy the application
now will receive all the updates for free just like those who will buy it from market.

Instructions how to buy and obtain the application,

BookDroid is developed by Santtu Syrjälä and published by Absent Oy.
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