beta testers ?

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beta testers ?

Postby koenhoorelbeke » Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:40 pm

Hi there,

I'm new to developing applications on Android, but I'm very intrigued by it, so a month ago I started building one in my free time. Since I had no inspiration for the new killer app, I just started building something I use a lot myself ... a note app.

However, I don't want it to be just a simple note-app, as there are already many of them. So, now, I have my very first version online (not in the market, but on, and now I'm very eager to hear opinions of other users/developers.

It is really a version 1, which is basically a note-app as all the others, though with a nicer layout (in my opinion :)). Now, the actual work begins for me, as I can finally start building the features I had in mind. (sync with google docs, all kinds of attachments, comments, journal-entries, to-do-lists, ...).

But before publishing to the market, I'd prefer to have a couple of testers who can verify if my future version will upgrade without flaws, and hear your comments on how everything works, maybe share some information on what to do and what not to do ...

You can find the current version here: ...

So go ahead, and please download it ... play a little with it, and let me hear your comments. I hope to have my first update ready by the end of the week. It is for those updates I'm really looking for testers (as I update the database, I need to be 200% sure that the updates work flawlessly).

Thanks in advance!


PS: please feel free to mail me any comments koen dot hoorelbeke on g mail ... TX!!!
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