Best logic game 2012! Christmas Game Scramble !

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Best logic game 2012! Christmas Game Scramble !

Postby StarsApplications » Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:56 am


Play to Christmas Game Scramble and you'll play with Santa Claus himself!

Christmas Game Scramble this is a very interesting and beautiful Christmas and New Year game!
In Christmas Game Scramble you need to collect hidden words from the letters, Santa Claus lost while flying in a sleigh. Help Santa Claus and his friends!!!
In her beautiful Christmas and new year animation, nice Christmas music and exciting plot!
In the Christmas Game Scramble you will meet a lot of new and strange words. This will allow you to learn something new! After all, this is what you need!You can not only enjoy the beautiful Christmas and New Year game, but also in parallel to obtain new skills!

Inside Christmas Game Scramble you will find a lot of different versions of the game:
- Ahead of its time;
- Test your skills;
- Defeat Santa Claus;
- Play with a friend;

Just play the Christmas Game Scramble you'll get more and more gifts, candy and all kinds of nice things!

Inside you will find a delightful and sweet world of Santa Claus and snowman!

Action! Action! Action!
Just today, just now when you install you get a large amount of bonuses for free in honor of the upcoming holiday!
Install all game and show your loved ones!



Link to Google Play mobile: market://details?id=com.StarsApplications.ScrambleCristmas
Link to Google Play:

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