Besieged 2

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Besieged 2

Postby Hotcandy » Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:47 am

Early to use this as you would think it is a tower defense game, in fact, hit the skull is just one of the key tasks in the entire siege Besieged 2 ". Greater responsibilities, what is it? Of course, is the construction of an all-conquering great castle!

Android Tablet PC game Besieged Besieged 2 "partial American comic style feel, bright and delicate looks very refreshing. This as the task is divided into two parts, the first is guilty of nausea skeletons all your arrows shot in the second it is taking advantage of the enemy never led, stepping up construction of the castle and surrounding the defense facilities. This way, comparable simple tower defense game fun more than to first enter the levels, players need to choose the role of gender, Woman OR King is very powerful. Very intuitive manipulation of the attack of the game, click on them quickly slide the screen to the far right to see the figure of the enemy, the Arrows will automatically come to its launch, players try to ensure accuracy do not make points, otherwise it will affect the checkpoints after ratings. Destroy the enemy more to earn more coins, money purchase defense props is not a problem.
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