audiobooks app to be tested

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audiobooks app to be tested

Postby joe_techfort » Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:29 am

Hello there,

I've been reading for a long time but I never posted before, so first of all thanks a lot anddev for all the great resources on android.

I was practicing some xml parsing in android and the use of mediaplayer so i released my first (very small) android app on the market called AudioBooks (there's already a quite popular one with that name but i only found that out after uploading my one). My one is the "TechFort" one and it's FREE. I received reports that it forces close very often even though it works perfectly for me in all situations, so I would love if someone feels like downloading it and trying it out.

I have many items on the to-do list, above all implementing favourites and bookmarks, and improving the UI of the player but I would like to get the app working first then improving it.

Anybody who feels like giving it a go would do me a big favour.
This is my first experience with an android app open to the public so don't be too harsh :wink:

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