[APP][2.3+] Arego RSS Reader, Feedback Request

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[APP][2.3+] Arego RSS Reader, Feedback Request

Postby idcj » Tue Sep 03, 2013 6:15 pm

Try out Arego and share your feedback!
Now available on Google Play: http://t.co/e6CP5XAvOD

I started Arego a few months back with a simple objective, I wanted relevant news to find its way to me. There are tons of news sources and unfathomable amount of news and articles being generated every day, I had been using RSS feeds before and gradually gave up on the reader as too many feeds filled up my inbox.

There are many reader apps but Arego is the only one with brains. Arego gradually builds up a profile of your reading habits, what times you prefer to read which sources and so on. The more you use Arego the more relevant news will find its way to you.

Arego works in 2 modes, news app mode and wallpaper mode.

News App Mode:
As a news app you can launch Arego and browse through a list of articles that are relevant for the moment.

Wallpaper Mode:
As a live wallpaper, Arego will find the most relevant news of the moment and make a live wallpaper with news and images, news changs gradually every few minutes. The wallpaper changes colors with time so that its never too bright or distracting. AregoLive Wallpaper is designed for simplicity and to not distract you from actual phone usage.

Other features:
- Schedule feeds for specific day and times of the week.
- Share articles on twitter, facebook
- Rank and rate article content
- Add custom RSS feeds
- Curated list of Feeds and article sources
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