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Who is Tracking (HACKERS DECODER) : The application will detect any malicious apps or bloatware trying to track your location and user datas. i.e (Bluetooth, NFC, Bank Accounts,GPS locaiton, history, Social Networks info, Browsers, Messages, Communication, 2G & 3G, Trojan Virus, Real Time Sound while the phone getting hacking or tacking, etc...)

App Link :

XDA member working for UI soon we will release the updated with clear UI.

Application - Features :

Sound Alert : After running the detection test <Who is tracking> you will receive a real time sound alert if any traces of tracking is found, In-case any one trying to tack the sound will come automatically( Real time sound Works only paid app).

Who is Tracking provides a list of all apps which are accessing GPS, Wi-Fi, 2G/3G, Gmail and other app permissions and also the reason why the apps need those info((Few features works only paid).

Allow Mock Allocation ; Enable this feature to send mock GPS data if any app is trying to access GPS info for longer durations or multiple times.

[ Example : Yelp has permissions to access GPS data to triangulate on your current location to provide you with restaurants around you. But it accesses the data only once on Initialization; But malicious tracking apps will keep accessing the GPS data to track your movements and location at all times in the background. ]

Select - Delete History ; Deletes complete history related information from your phone (Few features works only paid).

Here is why Who is Tracking was created

Refer to communities in hacker forums and blogs, and you can see that there is a push to develop and publish apps which can track your data and send the extracted information (Ex. Your contact information, email IDs, phone numbers, saved bank account details or any other important information).

Android to a certain extent can restrict such apps from being published in PlayStoreTM , but hackers bypass these by using techniques like reflection, API mirroring etc.

Even though all the custom ROM developers take immense care in providing ultimate user data protection, still hackers copy the OS, modify the APIs to provide access to personal data and hidden / internal APIs. By this they will be able to monitor, record and access the data created by you while sharing with various apps on your Android device.

We used Couples new features of ANDROID to stop hackers to track the information.

Any issue, feel free mail me.. we will release paid version very soon with complete features..

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