Announcing ColMix, a "tilt your phone" game with a twist

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Announcing ColMix, a "tilt your phone" game with a twist

Postby agsteiner » Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:14 pm


I've just released a new game on the Android market and now I'd like you to take a look at it if this kind of games interest you... :)

The idea behind ColMix is that you control two rays of light by tilting your phone, a vertical one and a horizontal one. The color of these two rays changes (in a predictable way). Where the two rays meet, their colors mix (thus the name of the game). To complete a level you need to bring the two rays to cross over a number of colored squares exactly at the time when their mix color matches the color of the square.

Of course, there are a few awful obstacles like the trap (ends your game / level), the lifter (undoes one successful match), the swapper (reverses the control - I hate that one :P ) and more.

What makes the game special (well, in my entirely unbiased opinion) is that if you predict how the mix color of the two rays will evolve over time, then you can rush through a level because it always fits; if you don't get it right you'll wait at every square until it's "its turn", or even worse first race to that blue square because the rays mix to blue, just to find that you're too late and now the rays mix to green which was the color of the square you were at before. To get a high score in a level you often need to plan; the game gives you all information to actually do that.

If you're interested, just take a look at more information incl. screenshots here:

or, of course, look for "ColMix" in the Android market.

There's (as so often) a "lite" version with 28 levels and 2 kinds of obstacles, and a full version with 68 levels and 5 kinds of obstacles.

I'd be very happy to hear feedback on what you think (particularly as I only could test the game on my HTC Legend and, with the Emulator, somehow a little bit on an old 1.6 device and something like a 2.2 HTC Desire, so I have no clue if it actually works well).

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