androllz 3d in search of testers

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androllz 3d in search of testers

Postby marzec » Sun Oct 18, 2009 1:22 pm


i'm Mario and i'd like to get some testers for this very early build of a game i'm working on. It's called androllz (working title) and is heavily inspired by games like marble madness and super monkey ball. Some screenshots (not final).


I'm in a stage where i think i got the controls down as well as the basic physics and animation code. Scene complexity will pretty much stay as it is (couple more textures etc.) so it should be possible to get some hard numbers. I own a HTC Hero and it works beautifully here. However, i suspect it won't work that smooth on older phones like the G1. If you happen to have some time try it out and tell me about your experience.

Currently there's a couple of levels you can switch by tapping the screen. To control the ball tilt your phone. Upon level start the accelerometer will be calibrated so the position you hold your phone during the first 0.5 seconds of a level is the neutral position. There's no goals within levels yet so just play around with it and try out the controls.

What i'd like to know:

+ Is the experience smooth on your phone? (apart from some stuttering during startup)
+ Do you think the controls are good enough?

You can find the .apk at this address. Due to the use of the NDK you must have Android 1.5 or higher in order for it to work.

Thanks for any comments and have a nice one.
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