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Android Town - social community application

Postby BeerBelly » Sat May 08, 2010 5:58 pm

I've developed a sort of a mobile social community app and I'm asking if you guys would like to test it a bit.

Like I said, it's a social community app which is location based. Basically you can communicate through the app with users nearby. Either message them, send them a picture, add them as friends, block them...

The application is supported by a Android Town website as well.
You can fill out your profile there, get the latest version of the app, spend time on the forums or just check on the app's development.

You can get the application here or on the website.

Thanks for trying it out.
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Re: Android Town - social community application

Postby BeerBelly » Tue May 25, 2010 6:03 pm

Just updating that the app now has a userbase of around 4000 people and has had quite some changes...amongst them:

* added the option to manually update your location (Menu -> Settings -> check "manual location updates"). There is a button next to the radius spinner that does that without saving it in the you can start the app, have automatic locations enabled and if you press that button it'll stop updating and the button switches to a compass that again and it starts updating again.
* avatars added. Upload your avatar on the website through your profile. You will be able to update the profile within the app soon.
* if you click on a profile picture it shows it in bigger view.
* new app icon :)
* fixed some bugs
* switch between metric and imperial units
* regulate number of users shown on screen (max number)
* when sending a picture you can also add text to it now
* you can save a picture you've been sent
* by long clicking on a notification you can now delete it, or deny a friend request (it will go away next time you reload notifications)
* you can also delete your account as well (main screen -> Menu -> More... -> Delete account
* search key on mainscreen now puts you into the search screen
stabilized a lot of the areas of the app (thanks to Kage's log; think I got that bug fixed)
- speed issues improved
- less bandwith used
- search option added in the menu (lets you search for users by username, age, sex in a user submitted radius (if left empty the main radius is used))
- clear search button next to radius spinner; lets you clear search results and restore original state
- you can long click a notification now and add a user to your friends or show him on the map

If you want to...go and check it out at either or search for Android Town on the market.
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