Android Quiz Application (Working Title)

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Android Quiz Application (Working Title)

Postby Carbon Molecule » Wed Feb 16, 2011 6:39 pm

Recently got into Android development and this is what I'm working on. It's rough and still missing some basic functionality (like being able to edit your quiz after it's been uploaded), but it works. I would really appreciate any feedback you can give.

The app lets you browse through and take multiple-choice quizzes uploaded by other people. If you get tired of trivia, you can make your own quizzes and upload them for other people to take a stab at.

A couple of notes: Android 2.1+ is required at this point, to be able to upload your quiz you have to register and/or login before going into the create quiz section, and there's only one test quiz available at the moment so please feel free to be creative and add your own. The APK is attached to this post.
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