Android Optimizer keeps your phone in the best state!

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Android Optimizer keeps your phone in the best state!

Postby caotiantupi » Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:23 am

Android Optimizer is a powerful android optimization app with many possibilities. Through Device scan, Quick settings, Speed up, App manager, Program manager, Cache cleaner, File explorer, Power saving settings, and Device infor, users can always keep the mobile in the best state and let it runs in the fastest way!

Device scan: provide a comprehensive scan for your mobile which eliminates all the insecurity factors.
Quick settings: set sound and network information so easily.
Speed up: scan to find out which apps start automatically when boots your mobile and thus speed up your phone's boot speed.
App manager: manage installed apps and system apps conveniently and efficiently.
Program manager: manage the process of your mobile so that enable your mobile in a best state.
Cache cleaner: clear all cache and messages easily and quickly.
File explorer: equipped with optimization master, users need not to install a file browser app any more.
Power saving settings: tell users how to keep your mobile run longer.
Device information: present all the mobile information to you.

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Version 1.2.11
1. Fix problems in partial mobile in Speed up.
2. Improve the data accuracy in Device scan.
3. Fix problem of WIFI disconnection led by Power saving.
4. Improve stability in File explorer.
5. No need to scan and wait when uninstalls apps.
6. Add backup function in Program manager.
7. Improve compatibility, support all android mobiles now.
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