[Free][Tools] Android Icon Utils: Easily browse and copy And

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[Free][Tools] Android Icon Utils: Easily browse and copy And

Postby simendsjo » Sun May 05, 2013 12:48 pm


We've created a tool for browsing and copying Android SDK icons and icons from other sources to your project.
This is recommended procedure for Android apps to be backwards compatible between SDK releases and to give more control over the visuals for different SDK versions.

Project home: http://redmine.simendsjo.me/projects/android-icon-utils
Download: http://redmine.simendsjo.me/projects/android-icon-utils/files
Documentation: http://redmine.simendsjo.me/projects/android-icon-utils/wiki/User_Guide

Some features:
  • Works on multiple Android SDKs, external icon bundles, or ever your own Android apps
  • Groups icons by name so you don't have to search through multiple folders
  • Filtering based on icon name
  • Sort icons based on best matching qualifiers
  • Copy icons to project
  • Easy integration with IDEs to launch your project directly

Use the links in the Help menu to submit bugs and feature requests (this requires registering using the link at the top right of the site).

Any feedback appreciated! Thanks :)
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