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Android Blackbook Pro

Postby nseidm1 » Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:56 pm

Android Blackbook pro supports SMS filtering and call filtering. SMS messages, for contacts in the Blackbook, are only visible in the Blackbook itself. Login to the Blackbook using the default password 123, which you dial in the phone itself. There is no icon in the drawer or in the recent application list. In the installed application list the app is called Memory Error.

Blackbook is completely hidden from users unless they know the dial code, which can be customized to anything you want.

Calls are filtered as well. Contacts in the Blackbook do not register calls in the phone log. Blackbook has a built in call log.

Blackbook features a built in SMS client that currently has two themes; Bubbles and Stock. More themes will be added.

I have yet to implement MMS support, which is the next major feature to be added.

Landscape mode is fully support in all activities.

Please email, or comment on the app with any questions. I will gladly add any features!! ... ckbook-Pro

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