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Android App Sales Statistics

Postby nxsfan » Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:54 am

Hi, I may instantly be in trouble because I'm putting forward a website not an android application (but I am looking for people to test the site out). Sorry, I wasn't sure the best place to post.

I have made a website to get some statistical data regarding my Android sales. If you are interested you can see a demopage that shows statistics for a few of my apps here:

I'm hoping people will have the courage to sign up and give me some feedback, or at least find the site useful!

There are 2 ways to add data, either programmatically via your MerchantID and Google Merchant Key (Google Checkout -> Settings -> Integration), or upload CSV files downloaded from the Google Checkout page.

OK, some notes:

1.) I use the Checkout Polling API to programmatically retrieve your sales data. This is SLOW!! I'm not sure why, when Google have the fastest servers in the world (maybe I'm missing something)..... As a result there is a limit on the number of results that are returned, this also mean the page can take a while to reload. If you have millions (or many 1000s) of sales I would recommend uploading data via CSV files.

2.) If you do upload data via Google Checkout CSV files, you need to do it month by month as Google limits the number of results that can be downloaded from the Checkout page at a time, so getting your account up to scratch is a bit of a chore.

3.) I'm not a web developer so the site is pretty ugly but functional. There may well be bugs. There may be attack vectors that I am ignorant of (I at least hash+salt the passwords you use to register).

4.) If something like this already exists, tell me and I'll go shoot myself. :D

Sorry if it breaks/explodes/melts your computer etc!
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