AllBinary Arcade One

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AllBinary Arcade One

Postby tberthel » Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:22 am

This is my second compilation release of an apk that includes the following games:

- ZeptoRacer
- MiniSpaceWar
- SantasWorldWar
- MiniSpaceWar Vector

Benefits over individual game packs:
- All Games get updated at the same time.
- Save a little space if you like more than one game.


- Custom Input Mapping Touch/Key/Sensors
- FullScreen
- Much More...

I am looking for some feedback on if the orientation controls, touch gestures, and multi touch buttons are working. Also if using more than one touch screen button at the same time works? Also, did you prefer one control method over another?

So please email me at if you they didn't work for you and which controls did not function.
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