AllBinary Arcade Game Development Library

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AllBinary Arcade Game Development Library

Postby tberthel » Sun Apr 13, 2008 3:26 am

The AllBinary Arcade Game Development Library contains over 50 very small libraries to help ease mobile arcade game development. The main features include the following:

* Multi-Platform - Android, J2ME, and J2SE
* Game Object Placement (Maps/Levels/Enemy Positions)
* Feature/Configuration Options Framework
* Save/Load/Delete Game State
* Touch Screen Controls
* Key Input Processing
* Orientation Controls
* Transitions/Progress
* Special Animations
* Heads Up Displays
* Collision Handling
* Power-Ups/Drops
* Screen Shakes
* Path Finding
* Vibration
* Physics
* AI/Bots
* Teams
* More...

Some more info on the libraries include:

* Over 50,000 lines of efficient Java code over 50 very small libraries
* Most of the libraries are use by the 2 games, but some are not
* Only about 7% of the code is specific to a game

Game Tools:

I use 2 open source tools (BSD or AL licenses) and 2 of my own tools for development of games. They are not part of the submission, but they do make it a complete game development library and would be part of the game library distribution.

For more info please visit the project site.
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