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Postby gollum » Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:30 am

hi there, (, the first and will-be biggest Android app store in China area, has brought online the Android projects promotion pages, where companies and individuals can release their Android software products. The pages are mainly targeted at the market of China, which as you know, has the population of billions. Here, your product would have the audience on the billion scales, especially when in the near future (it is April as claimed) China Mobile, the dominant mobile operator within China owning 600 million, will launche the Android campaign with substantial Android phone products from many manufacturers. Why are we so sure? here can tell that most of our crew are right now working for China Mobile, specifically for its OMS (Open Mobile System) project, which is based on Android.

Besides, the promotion take no time to achieve, is free to use without any revenue sharing, and will serve only as an index entry to your products’ pages to secure the payment if they charge. Even better, our crew will offer free translation to Chinese if your are English speaker. Meantime, would benefit somehow. In this win-win situation, what would you lose anyway?

So please just try it out before you make the final decision, starting from the pages as follow,

Project Display:
Project Release:
Introduction with image demo:

Thank you very much.
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