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[App] Active Apps

Postby elnoxvie » Sun Mar 13, 2011 5:31 am

Hi guys, i would like to introduce my Application: Active Apps

Description as follow:

Active Apps is an application which monitor an unusual activity that eats battery or tracking the application that
has been put into standby mode. This is important because some application might not be coded properly. Therefore, even though
it has been put on standby mode (Pressing Home) they are still running, eating CPU and hence your device's battery.
E.q. browser and gallery apps in the Early Galaxy Tab rom even though it's closed or stand by, it's still eating battery.

- Tracking application that has been put on standby and running (I called them Active Apps).
- Easy Switch tasks for Active Application.
- Widget to show Number of Active Applications running which may possibility eating CPUs/Battery
- Provide package manager to manage your application - Faster than stock Application Manager -
- Provide view of Ram, Apps that using RAM and free ram function.
- Provide view of Storage both internal SD and external SD, data and database.
- Provide theme capability - More theme coming soon -
- Provide a flexible customization on many areas of the application.
- Widgets now come with 1x1, 1x2 for Active Apps and Active Ram.
- Adding a customizable pop Up launcher for easy access.


[SIZE="5"]Thanks for all users, beta testers for all the feedback and suggestions. [B]Active Apps has now moved from Beta to Market Release.

You can get the application here. Please support the development
by buying the application. Thanks. [/B][/SIZE]

NOTE: - The lite version will be release as ad-supported by next week.
- v1.2.3 will still be available here.

Android Market Link:

Download Link v1.2.3

Thanks to anddev and xda-developers help in suggestion, coding. this community is really superb.
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