aConverter - convert most official measurement units

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aConverter - convert most official measurement units

Postby andern » Tue Mar 31, 2009 5:01 pm

I just wrote this little application for the android because I'm sick of all the converters that have a thousand different units to convert between, and a nightmare to scroll through.

It's lightweight, it's gratis and it's free, released under the GNU GPL.

aConverter is a tiny converter for the Android platform where everything is on one screen. It converts back and forth between 105 different units in 11 different categories, including: Area, Energy, Force, Length, Mass, Mileage, Power, Pressure, Temperature, Torque and Volume which are most of the official (and some unofficial) units in the English Imperial System and the Metric System.

Full list of available units can be found in the README file.

Precompiled and signed (apk) - see attachments
Sources - see attachments
Market - AndroLib


Sun Feb 14, 2010 - 0.2.0
* NEW FEATURE: It is now possible to enable saving/loading of unit
selections and amount to convert within each category.
* BUG FIXES: Conversion using negative numbers is now possible(oops :-o)
* MISC: Prefixes added as a category.
* MISC: Some minor UI changes: The biggest change is the new
preferences window that allows you to enable/disable
different functions. One minor but noticeable change is that
swapping is now done through the menu.
* MISC: Notification when copying result to clipboard. This can be
turned off in the preferences.
* MISC: New icon. Thanks to Thomas Le.

Fri Apr 03, 2009 - 0.1.2
* BUG FIXES: Preferences are really saved on exit and loaded on startup.
* MISC: The drop down item lists are now bigger.

Thu Apr 02, 2009 - 0.1.1
* NEW FEATURE: Preferences are saved on exit and loaded on startup.
* BUG FIXES: When the amount-field is selected, units are no longer
switched when pressing left/right.
* MISC: New icon.

Tue Mar 31, 2009 - 0.1.0
Initial release.

Please don't hestitate to post your thoughts and/or ideas.

(50.8 KiB) Downloaded 210 times
(77.81 KiB) Downloaded 227 times
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Postby lynx » Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:11 pm

very nice!
first i love those apps that keep the look & feel of an android phone.
i would have some suggestions although:

    - first the icon, i thought that is a metronome. there is an icon guideline on devs site and if you shift it a little bit, i think it will look right.
    i cannot post url tags so here is the address in a lame way: ( ... esign.html)
    - the input field should bring up only a numeric keypad not the entire on screen keyboard. i think if the field is numeric, than the keyboard will contain only numbers for easier and faster input.
    - the result/output should be bigger, eventually centered. the idea that clicking on it copies the result, can remain, and it could be signaled trough a message.
    - all other text at the bottom, that is unnecessary in my opinion, should be integrated within the MENU key (copy, clear, switch direction, more>about, more>settings)
    - and finally, you should provide some type of download for that bazillion different units, so people can chose what kind of groups should they download. by default this application comes with the most official and it's fantastic, but there should be room for more.

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