A 'real' Real Time Strategy Game: DEFEND HOMELAND

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A 'real' Real Time Strategy Game: DEFEND HOMELAND

Postby escmobile » Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:12 pm

Hi all,

As ESC Mobile, we've released our first Real Time Strategy(RTS) game for Android platforms: Defend Homeland Demo.

Trial version is on market with limited missions and full version is expected to be in market in early April 2010.

Like any other classic RTS game, as a player you're expected to complete several missions. You can build some units and buildings such as:

    * Infantries
    * Trikes (fast attacking unit)
    * Medium Tanks
    * Siege Tanks
    * Missile Launchers
    * Oil Trucks
    * Barracks
    * War factories
    * Oil refineries
    * Turrets
    * Sentry guns
    * Land mines
    * Oil barrels

Here is some part of game on YouTube:

And some details from our web site:

Any comments is highly welcomed!

A screenshot
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