3D anaglyph game Proof of Concept

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3D anaglyph game Proof of Concept

Postby jojojoris » Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:51 am


I'm a student technical computer science in from the netherlands. I few days ago i got the weird idea to create some real 3d games for android. With real 3D i mean that you need those fancy :P 3D glasses to see the 3D effect. I searched in the market to see if there are some more of those games. I didn't find any. So i desided to try to create a proof of concept. You wanna know why? Just because i couldn't think of a reason to NOT do it. (Yeah... that's my way of thinking) And i have to say, it works better than i expected in first place.

(dont ask the music. it came from youtube audioswap and i already forgot which one i choose)

I tested it on my HTC desire and it works great. You cannot find the app in the market because i can't pay the $25 fee since we don't have any creditcard.

What do you think...
Would this be cool? Would you pay a dollar or 2 for some real 3D games? What do you think of this concept? What ...? Just tell

I updated the apk so it will download textures from internet so you can try yourself.
BTW. I placed some basic commands in the renderscreen. Every part of the screen has a purpose.

upperleft corner : switch color mask
lowweleft corner : switch mipmap/nearest/linear texture
upperright corner: zoom in
lowerright corner: zoom out

(1.44 MiB) Downloaded 220 times

armeabi-v7a only
It's over 1MB because it include FreeImage. (kinda overkill when you realise i only load some bmp pictures :P)
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