Porting from m5 to 0.9 (startSubActivity)

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Porting from m5 to 0.9 (startSubActivity)

Postby sommeralex » Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:10 am


Ive updated to the new 0.9 from m5 - now, for example, there is no "startSubActivity" anymore - hence, i couldnt find anything in the documentation (just "startSubActivity" is removed, but no use XY instead) - could anyone help me "reading the changings-log" (to find such information)

-> i only could find the startActivity method withing the activiy class -> so, can i use it instead of startSubActivity? (sure i can, but is it the "right way?)

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Re: Porting from m5 to 0.9 (startSubActivity)

Postby trung277 » Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:09 am

I don't know this untill now
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