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Android on MIPS

Postby siddarth.ramadoss » Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:21 pm

Hi there,
I am a newbie to the porting domain. I'm trying to figure out how to port android to a settop box I have(known its hardware configs). As the box is based on MIPS, I registered with and I seem to have problems accessing platform specific code(2nd step after "obtaining generic sources").

What should I be looking to change? I am not looking to customize the code for my need. All I want is Android to run on top of my hardware. If there is a step by step approach(atleast in a high level), it would be of great help.

My aim is to understand what, where and how the changes are to be done, and also to "make" it so that I get an image that I can use to flash the box.
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