Yuan Yechun technology for the next regional auditions ready

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Yuan Yechun technology for the next regional auditions ready

Postby gall » Thu May 24, 2012 5:08 am

Yuan Yechun's coach, from Eagle dream college head coach Tim - Sherry di ( Tim Sheredy ), Yuan Yechun in the game facing pressure did not yield performance, fully illustrated his growing firm and indomitable spirit. " He is a strong boy, he never once excited ping k15 irons, at very low. He can grab 1bird, will swallow 1triple bogey, you really don't know the difference. It is in this sport to the success of a player signs." Kolidi was once located in the state of Florida in Sarasota IMG teen Institute teaches ball.

On the other hand, Yuan Yechun technology for the next regional auditions ready. Held on Thursday in the field of its youth in the most important competition, Yuan Yechun had recorded 15standard shot, but in his post-match interview titleist ap2 712 irons, when asked why there was two times larger than their age, experienced adults frightened, the 15 year old adolescents in at least a dozen times point out its strong willpower.

Yuan Yechun's coach Bill - Nelson ( Bill Nelson ) ascribe it to attack weakness, rather than emphasizing obviously positive factors titleist ap2 irons. " Identification of a golfer in what is done well, it is very easy, but it doesn't really help them to drag them athletically hind problem. We relate these golfers cooperation, is to overcome their fear of the court." Nelson is also a PGA champion D.A. Potts ( D.A. Points ) psychological coaching.

In many ways, Yuan Yechun also showed a brave face. Last summer, he moved to the United States alone callaway diablo edge irons, and his mom and dad in china. Until two months ago, his mother came to florida. In response, Yuan Yechun said:" my mother to help me deal with golf outside of everything. She really didn't talk to me about too much about golf stuff, she let my mind not all golf stuff."

For junior players, there is always the fear that they will be too tired. However, when asked to practice every day5-6 hours for adolescents taylormade burner 2.0 irons is it right? A bad thing, Yuan Yechun's answer is negative:" I didn't practice enough golf, this is not a work, I love golf."

Yuan Yechun may be a start and not other American Open qualifying contestants worrisome rivals, after all he is possible because of illness a few days rest, but on Thursday, he doggedly and hate cough, cold fight, go through18 holes, eventually wins taylormade r11 irons. He is from a special players who find themselves in power, it is tiger Woods. " He is dragging leg in the United States open, he was so strong, I just like him."Now, Yuan Yechun is only one match in the United States to San Francisco Olympic Club with Woods arena.
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