xml - java question

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xml - java question

Postby kdpohl1 » Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:37 am

I am fairly new in android java .. but created a application which I have working ok except
this one
I designed a ui with 16 fields ... i.e. F1 - F16 as a lookup activity --

and read a sqlite database by a rowid --- and want to put the value of the table entry on the corresponding field i.e. rowid 1 in F1 a.s.o.

I wanted to create an array like string[] mylist..... and than map the field F1-f16 to this array. But I am not sure whether this is possible
I created another xml file name arrays.xml and thought I can use the same field names as in the lookup xml
but this does not seem to work ..
if anybody has an idea how to do this -- I would very much appreciate this
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