Weird compiler bug. WTF is going on? With video.

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Weird compiler bug. WTF is going on? With video.

Postby BGH » Sat Apr 25, 2009 7:19 am

Ok so I have a crazy bug going on.

I tried to take a short video. Unfortunately youtube sped it up heaps so you might have to watch it a few times.

this is the code

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  1. int blah =      game.getText().toString().indexOf("*LIVE*");
  5.                         if( blah > -1){
  7.                         game.setText(game.getText().toString().replace("*LIVE*", ""));
  9.                         game.setTextColor(Color.GREEN);
  11.                         gameInfo.setTextColor(Color.GREEN);
  13.                 }
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The contents of the IF statement are getting executed whether the condition is met or not. In the movie I step through three iterations. Keep an I on the variable "blah". In the first iteration it is -1, in the second it is 22 and in the third it is -1 again. As you can see the last line of code in the IF statement is still getting executed when blah = -1.

Any explanations? It's so frustrating as this is the final bug before I can get this version of my app out the door.
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