Vector math, and other Java Stuff

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Vector math, and other Java Stuff

Postby DeadShawn » Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:30 am

Ok, first let me say I'm new to Android Dev. I recently got a Motorola Milestone and thought I would make a simple side scrolling game.

I've done the basic "Hello World" and looked at a few things. I've done games in XNA with C# before so I shouldn't need too long to get into Android development.

On to my questions:

What do I include / import to have access to Vector2 datatypes?

Is there a class that has all sorts of game-type math functions? Like Lerp, Vector-Vector distances, ect?

I've noticed when I debug via a virtual handset when it reaches an error in the code it stops, points it out, and all that good stuff. But when I'm debugging on my device it doesn't do this, it just crashes. What am I doing wrong?

Also I noticed I can't get 24bit png's to render.. but I'm having no problem with 32 or 48bit png's. Is it just me? Or my device maybe?
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