Updating Market Applications installed via USB

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Updating Market Applications installed via USB

Postby jef3189 » Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:54 pm

Hi anddev,

I've searched and found similar posts regarding this but I failed to find a straight answer so decided to post it.

Let's say I have an application that I want to load onto a device via USB (the application is free and is listed in market, but I am helping develop). At some later point, I would like the application to auto-update/notify via Market.

Applications downloaded from market and applications I have pushed to the phone via ADB all seem to be showing up in /data/app, but the ones I loaded via USB do not show up in the Market "Downloads" section as available for updates (they do not show up in the list at all).

How does market check for applications that have been downloaded? How could I side-load applications onto my phone and have them show up in the Market's downloads' section (assuming the app that is side-loaded is the same fully qualified package name as the app listed in market) so market can push updates when necessary?

EDIT: and no I'm not trying pirate apps, I'm trying to develop one that will be available outside of market as well so I want to check that updates will be available to those who install via usb.
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