Try the new Callaway X Hot Game Improver Irons

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Try the new Callaway X Hot Game Improver Irons

Postby Angelbabysister » Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:40 am

Luke Williams, Callaway's senior global director of woods and irons, says, "When you hit a 6-iron, golf clubs price you want to look up and see that trajectory that you expect from a 6-iron, you'd just like it to fly longer, so that's what we've tried to do with the X Hot."

To do that, Callaway designed the X Hot Irons using two different types of stainless steel. The chassis has been made with a softer steel, and the hitting area is made from a harder steel. That allowed Callaway to make the face thinner, save some weight, and then redistribute the weight behind a large channel in the back. Combined with stronger lofts and longer shafts in the long-irons, the result is a hotter hitting area, a lower center of gravity (CG) and shots that should fly higher and farther.

The distance debate has always centred on drivers and balls, but recently we’ve heard about big distance gains from irons. Now Callaway is saying its X-Hot irons are up to 10-yards longer than the RAZR X. So when I say that about 90 percent of the swings taken with the X Hot irons ended up within ten yards left or right of the target line, you can hopefully appreciate that included some pretty god-awful swings that the clubs saved my keister on.

How? Both models have a thinner face for improved ball speed which, allied to a unique undercut cavity, cheap Callaway X Hot Hybrid lower the area of the face that is most flexible in order to put it in line with where most iron shot impacts occur. A lower sweetspot is designed to increase ball speed on off-centre hits. Both versions have a "Feel Management Medallion" in the cavity, to improve sound and feel at impact.

I was worried a cast, game-improvement iron set like the X Hot would limit my (probably nonexistent) ability to impress my playing partners with shot-shaping magic. Suffice it to say the X Hot irons impressed, Callaway RAZR X BLACK Driver for sale not only preserving my ability to shape shots in both directions but actually providing increased control over the amount of bend and trajectory I wanted to impart.

The most immediate thing I noticed about the X Hot irons is that they feel heavy, in a really nice way. The Callaway X Hot irons are absolutely worth your time and attention if you're in the market for a new set.
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