Touching and sliding on images - GridView

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Touching and sliding on images - GridView

Postby Damascus » Wed May 06, 2009 11:17 pm

Hello everybody,

I began developing my first Android application for a little time and I have a little problem:

In my application sometimes I've an Image array displayed in a GridViewLayout, filled by Images(I'm still hesitating between Images or ImageButtons inside...) and I've to draw a line, cell by cell. However I achieved it only with a clicking mode, ie I click on every cell independantly and they are in the highlighted mode(means the cell is red), with one OnClickListener per image.

I want to do it without releasing my finger(or at the moment my mouse ^^) of the screen. Drawing immediatly a line and the cells are highlighting while I'm doing my path...

I still don't know what to use here. I'm trying onTouchListener but it does the same than onClick, and I'm looking into onFocusChangeListener but it seems that focus isn't active in touch mode...

Anyone has an idea of how doin' it?

thanks :)
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