The problem of javascript implement in browser

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The problem of javascript implement in browser

Postby cs_david » Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:02 am

Hi ,I wrote a program about browser implement javascript
The code is follow:
WebView w = (WebView) findViewById(;
String strHtml;
strHtml = "<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Model</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><form name=form1 action=''/>Result:<input name=showcont value='Result'/><script language=JavaScript type=text/JavaScript>" + "\r\n" + "<!--" + "\r\n" + "document.form1.showcont.value='Result is pass';" + "\r\n" + "-->" + "\r\n" + "</script></form></BODY></HTML>";

w.loadData(strHtml, "text/html","utf-8" );

I just want implement a piece of javascript code in html page, the Html has shown well but the javascript donot work ,why? please help me ,thanks a lot!
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