The causes and solutions of printer can not print

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The causes and solutions of printer can not print

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The printer is also more common in our lives, especially in offices, print invoices, print documents and so need to use the printer. For the average user, because the used printer is not many, so often if you encounter a problem with the printer, do not know how to start, the most common is the printer can not print fault. Causes and solutions to following edit introduce the printer can not print.

The printer can not print a lot of reasons, if we have the printer can not print should begin from the simple to the complex to start. Must first rule out some of the most simple questions, such as whether the printer is properly installed, and friends do not know the printer how to install, please read: How to install printer paper. Inside the printer is not already placed ink cartridges and printing paper, these basic questions must be excluded, in addition to a check printer power supply is turned on. If the above printer settings did not do a good job, the printer can not print.

Printer can not print the causes and solutions

A: The printer does not install the driver (that is not properly installed printer)

Printing to achieve, the printer must be installed properly, the general printer comes with a driver CD, we select the corresponding models can be installed, but many of my friends like to download the driver online, this situation may cause the installation to is not the same model driver, the printer can not print. The solution: Try using the CD-ROM that comes with the printer driver.

: Printer power did not open or if the printer is not in the online

Often edit some office users to use the printer can not print documents without turning the printer off, or may accidentally touch the printer settings button, switch to the non-online, both low-level error case naturally printer can not print.

Solution: Check the printer power indicator online status lights is bright if the power light is off, check whether the printer is properly connected to the AC, the Reset button on the printer is turned on; online status indicator adverse online indicator corresponding key, you can press the switch to online mode.

: The printer data cable connection is bad or damaged

If we simply exclude the above two methods, still can not print, check the printer data cable connection cable is connected properly, the data line is damaged.

Solution: Check the printer and computer host data cable connection, check the data lines for damage.

: No main printer is set to the default printer

No printer is set as the default printer can not print out a computer to use more than one printer, such as the common shared print settings, such as computer application print need is installed on this machine printers, but we shift the shared printer is set as the default printer, which will lead to the program can not find the printer, naturally, can not print, this case is more likely to occur.

The solution to: Check computer applications corresponding printer which printer. Go set corresponding to the printer as the default printer to set the default printer as follows:

⒈ click the Windows Start menu, point to "Settings", click "Printers" to open the "Printers" window.

⒉ Right-click the printer icon, the pop-up shortcut menu, click "Set as Default".

Involves reading: printer sharing how to set

: Unknown error causes the printer can not print

In some cases may be a system program errors, or printer internal memory operation error, cause printer provisional strike can not be printed, we can try to restart the computer and printer to rule out whether such problems.

6: Printer the print timeout, causing the printer can not print

Sometimes due to printer paper, or the printer itself may be a glitch, resulting in very slow printing, printing time more than the system default, in which case you can try to try to increase the print time.

Solution: replace better try to print paper, or appropriate increase in the time to print, set as follows:

In the Printers window, right-click the printer icon, and then click Properties.

Click "Details" tab, under the "timeout" to increase various timeout settings. "Not selected" items are specified Window s time to wait for the printer to enter online, it will display an error message after more than a specified time.

Seven: lack of hard disk space, causing the printer can not print

Generally printer program need to print normally need at least more than 10M of free disk space, and if it is less than 10M may cause printing does not work correctly, the purpose of the current computer, this situation has basically no, because a computer can not be connected 10M free space.

The printer can not print because the total solution are summarized here for everyone, and the preparation time is so short, it is inevitable omissions, please add editing for everyone according to their actual work experience summed up the most common printers can not print solutions way, if the above method still be a problem, perhaps very likely the fault of the printer itself, it is best to take it overhauled.

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