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System design consult

Postby rayman » Fri Apr 30, 2010 9:53 am

in my system i have component dispatcher, which in one side listen to
a server and get messages, and from the other side dispatch the
meassage to the right component.

now about the components in the system" let's say component: A which
doing some operation(and finish)
and component B(which doing another operation - and finish).

now those operations components doesnt have to be in the background
all the time.. i just passing to them message they do with it
something.. and they could be shut off till next time.

the dispatcher decided which component i have to use next.

now i think i should create my dispatcher/listener as a remote service
coz i need it to work all the time, but how would i implement my
"operation" components?
and i do want my system to be modular, coz i will need times to times
to updates those components.

when i mean modular, i need each component to be in diffrent apk, so i
can maintence them in the future.

any suggestaions?

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