Start Activity via Mail, Browser or something else

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Start Activity via Mail, Browser or something else

Postby Paul998 » Wed May 27, 2009 6:50 pm


I'm trying to start my activity from another application, passing some data. I just need a little string to be submitted. It should work like the E-Mail confirmation on this and other websides.
The user starts my app and types for example his email address into a field. The activity submits the data via internet connection to the server and the server sends back an email.

The question is now how to pass the activation key back to my activity?

One way would be, confirmation of a phone number via sending sms, and parsing those in my app. But this would produce costs for the sms on serverside.

Maybe another possibility would be to register a protocol in the webbrowser or the e-mail client like my-app://conf-key/

I'm open for any other suggestions.

Thanks in advance
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