Sprint HTC Hero problem??

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Sprint HTC Hero problem??

Postby greenrift » Fri Oct 30, 2009 2:31 pm

Just wanted to report a potential issue with the Sprint HTC Hero. Me and a few friends have experienced an issue where if you:

1) install an application
2) update it or uninstall and reinstall
3) reboot your phone

then on many applications, the launcher icon will be messed up as well as the name of the application under the icon. In many of these cases, this renders the application unusable including Google Sky and Pandora. If you then uninstall these applications and reinstall them they will work fine until you reboot your phone again.

The problem doesn't seem to exist if you install the application the first time. Only does it exist if you update it and reboot or if you uninstall/reinstall and reboot.

There is a fairly lengthy thread on the Android Developers mailing list regarding this. Google seems to think it is unique to the Hero itself since a stock Android device (ie: G1) doesn't have this problem. Other developers are experiencing the same thing.

Android Developer thread:
http://groups.google.com/group/android- ... d444a47425

Several of us have contacted HTC and have received no recognition of the problem nor any responses.
Are there any other users out there that are experiencing the same problem? I figure if enough of us are reporting issues, then it might make HTC/Sprint fix the issue.
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