Signing apks with multiple certificates

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Signing apks with multiple certificates

Postby titusabraham » Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:51 pm

I am repeating a question which has been asked in stack overflow. this
question was last discussed in 2009 and I guess it must have

I am signing my testActivty.apk with certificate C1 and C2 and my
serviceActivty with certificate C1 and I put the
android:protectionLevel="signature" in service. I see that My activity
is no longer able to bind to the service as it gets a
SecurityException. This does not happen however if I just try to sign
both with certificates C1. Is there any restriction in signing apks
with multiple certificates.

I didn't think signing an apk with multiple cert was an issue as when
i did a jarsigner verify it was just checking if there was at least 1
certificate signed. ... rtificates

I would like my activity to be signed with some other Certificates
cause its using another service signed with another certificate.
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