Show an image from a webserver

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Show an image from a webserver

Postby don » Sun Mar 30, 2008 7:33 pm

I want to add images to a map that represent stored points on the map. I can add an image if the image is stored in the r.drawable folder, however, I would like the user to be able to load an image when they store the point. For instance, if they stored a pointer to their work, they may add an image of the company logo or something like that.

My initial thought was to store the uploaded image in the database in base64 format. I then have a webpage the decodes the stored image and displays it. However, I am not sure how to request the image from the Android client, then show it on the map.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the image from the web server, then display it on the map? Or possibly another way to accomplish this task?

Thanks in Advance for any help anyone can offer.
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