Service doesn't start

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Service doesn't start

Postby Kirodema » Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:31 am


I am going through an tutorial for an Android Musicplayer (MusicDroid - Audio Player Part II | Hello Android, its german).

This tutorial is a little bit old (written in 2007) and so some methodcalls are a little bit different. My Service class looks pretty much the same as the class in the tutorial except things regarding the Notification class, but that should interfere with the startingprocess of the Service?

My mainclass looks like this (only outputs regarding the service):
My mConnction:
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private ServiceConnection mConnection = new ServiceConnection() {
   public void onServiceDisconnected(ComponentName arg0) {
      mpInterface = null;
   public void onServiceConnected(ComponentName arg0, IBinder service) {
      //Toast.makeText(BackEnd.this, "Service is binding", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
      mpInterface = IBEInterface.Stub.asInterface((IBinder) service);
      try {
      } catch (RemoteException e) {}
      updateSongList(new File(MEDIA_PATH));

Here the mConnect is used to bind the Service in onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
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this.bindService(new Intent(this, IBEService.class), mConnection, Context.BIND_AUTO_CREATE);

Also my entry in the manifest file under application:
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<service class=".IBEService" android:process=":remote" android:name="IBEService"></service>

You have any idea, why it isn't working?
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