searching in listview

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searching in listview

Postby brel_rj » Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:26 am

I have a ListView in my code and i have set its adapter as my own custom adapter which extends BaseAdapter. I want to implement searching functionality in my code.
This is exactly what i want to do:
i have a EditText at the top of my activity: when the user types in any alphabet in that EdtText, my listview should get updated with all the listitems whose order name(the listview is a group of orders, with the ordername and order id shown) starts or matches with the text entered by the user in the EditText.
This is similar to autocomplete textview, but rather than a drop down list emerging , i want my listview to get updated.
This is a very common feature for any mobile application. I don't know why android developers could not provide a straight forward example the demonstrate it in the online documentation.

Anyways, i am a new Android developers and have searched a lot to find a proper solution for my problem but have not found any working solution till now. Any help will be hugely appreciated. :D
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