School project, Need help

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School project, Need help

Postby per15679 » Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:59 pm

I'm trying to paste a string from my application to a website.

My application look as following. One EditText and one button. My button opens a website with an open text box.
<input name="FreeTextBox" type="text" id="FreeTextBox" style="width:64px;">

my applications EditText id is et2 which is then the variable klass in java.
klassen = klass.getText().toString(); the klass variable is then made into a string klassen

When I click my button I open a website and then I want my application to automaticlly to enter what ever i wrote in my EditText into the FreeTextBox on the website.

Please give me advice on how to do this. This is my first application so I could really use some help.

Thanks in advance
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