School final year project help needed.

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School final year project help needed.

Postby Domin8rJ » Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:29 am

Hi everyone, I was asked to create an Android application for my school's final year project, but I have zero experience in this area.. had never programmed an app before..

So.. Are there any tips or tricks in this field of programming for somebody new like me? Any references sites, other good forums, videos, or just anything that would help get me started?
Also, is there some sort of 'easy' ideas, that is not complicated at all, an app idea that will be easy to pick up and be completed in 12 weeks(the duration of my project), even for someone like me? I really have no idea where I can start right now.

In my 3 years of study, I have dabble in very basic programming(c#/c++ and nothing else) but wasn't really very good in it, and like I mentioned above, I had never did an app before, nor had programmed anything in such a large scale(to me), so I would appreciated any help I can get..

Please let me know if I am asking in the wrong forum or if this particular question had already been asked before, because if so, I am so, so sorry.. will you please provide me with the link to the right forums(s) or thread(s)? I would appreciate it a lot, thank you.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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