RTS game selection

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RTS game selection

Postby kevindude » Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:26 pm

Hi, i dont really know what this should be filed under. Anyway, im coding an rts game (well trying :D). I need a way to when you select a building, a production menu in the form of a square pops up around the building, where you can choose which unit to build. But, i also need it so that if you touch the ground a building menu comes up, or if you touch a unit, maybe a circle around him and just be able to tell him where to go. each class(my buildings and units) have a metal cost, build time, power cost, money cost, health, and isBuilding. anyone have any ideas for this? im new to android.

thanks anyways
also the sleep command is killing me, i cant get it to work no matter what i try...
lol... ok i think i got sleep to work... maybe... but every time i open the app it force closes
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