regarding loading class and external resources...

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regarding loading class and external resources...

Postby KennetRose » Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:38 am


My application require some others library... which I download
dynamically from internet and load into system...
In SDK 0.9 my coding is work fine... but when I port it to SDK 1.0...
I having some problem below...

can anyone guide me to port it???

1) PathClassLoader loader = new PathClassLoader(

Class calledClass = null;

calledClass = loader.loadClass("beo.mylib.beoware");

I fail to load into system...

2) AssetManager constructor not longer visible... how can I load???

AssetManager assetManager = new AssetManager();

can anyone guide me to port this two branch of problem??? so that I __________________________
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can continue my develop???
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