Problems with TextView

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Problems with TextView

Postby kraln » Fri Apr 11, 2008 4:00 am

In my application, one of the main functions is a constantly scrolling body of text. It scrolls from the bottom up, as new data is added to the bottom.

In the previous sdks, I had a textview widget which housed the text. the widget handled the scrolling and everything great - with weight set to bottom, the text appeared exactly how I wanted it. I've had nothing but problems taking this to the latest sdk.

The text refuses to stay on the bottom, and the scrolling capabilities of TextView no longer work.

As a temporary measure, I've wrapped the textview in a scrollview, and I scroll 'down' after every new line. However, sometimes it will scroll right off the bottom! Is there any way I can prevent a scrollview from scrolling past the bottom? Am I doing something wrong? <- here's what it looks like with just a textview.

Thanks in advance.
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