Problem with KML Settings (Speed,Bearing,...)

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Problem with KML Settings (Speed,Bearing,...)

Postby bavarol » Wed Mar 26, 2008 12:30 pm

Hi all,
I wanted to know how I can calculate Speed, Bearing and other settings if I define a KML-TRack

I have defined my properties file and it looks like so

Code: Select all
requiresNetwork false
requiresSatellite false
requiresCell false
hasMonetaryCost false
supportsAltitude true
supportsBearing true
supportsSpeed true
repeat true
powerRequirement 1
hasSpeed true
hasAltitude true
hasBearing true
accuracy 10
trackSpeed 10

I call the method getSpeed like so myLocation.getSpeed() and I get always 0,0 as speed, why?

Why doesn't it work?

Thank in advance
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