Problem with AlertDialog.Builder and Checkboxes

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Problem with AlertDialog.Builder and Checkboxes

Postby JoxTraex » Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:22 am

Hello All, I've been working on this application but have come across a problem that I have been unable to figure out. I have a listview that is populated with the contents from an adapter, and each row has their specific information (Uniform). The problem comes when I try to retrieve the value of a checkbox that is found in that particular row.

The code in question is below:

I build an AlertDialog object so I can get my information from the user. My layout code consists of a LinearLayout in horizontal orientation with 3 elements an image, text, check box. I build my AlertDialog with R.layout.listview_layout, which is a custom layout that I made.

One thing I tried to do is get the CheckBox View from the adapter, however; when I look at it via cb.isChecked(), no matter what row i'm on its always unchecked (aka false). In order to debug this further I took the same adapter and retrieved the text via the same methodology and it returned specific information about that row, as it should.

Any ideas how I can handle this?

Simply Put:

I would just like to get the value of the CheckBox at each given row

Code: Select all
c = help.returnContacts();

     AlertDialog.Builder ab = new AlertDialog.Builder(this);
    ab.setTitle("Select contacts");

    final SimpleCursorAdapter adapter = new SimpleCursorAdapter(
            getApplicationContext(), R.layout.listview_layout, c,
            new String[] { ClientOpenDbHelperUtility.COL_NAME,
                    ClientOpenDbHelperUtility.COL_SEL }, new int[] {
          , });
    ab.setAdapter(adapter, null);

    ab.setPositiveButton("Confirm", new Dialog.OnClickListener() {

        public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int which) {

            Cursor c = adapter.getCursor();
            for (int i = 0; i < adapter.getCount(); i++) {

                CheckBox cb = (CheckBox) adapter.getView(i, null, null)
                TextView t = (TextView) adapter.getView(i, null, null)

                Log.d("DEBUG", "Checked = " + cb.isChecked());
                Log.d("DEBUG", "Message = " + t.getText().toString());
                if (cb.isChecked()) {

                } else {





Thanks for reading!
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