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News Application

Postby jumu » Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:07 am


i would like to write an News App, but i don't know how to start!!

The Data "News" are already saved in Online Database like that:
- Categorie
- Title
- Short Text
- Long Text
- Image

I would like to bring the Data to Android App and show them in two Views.
First View: Just a list with Categorie, Title and Image
Second View: Categorie, Title, Lang Text and Image

Please could you give me some ideas. I don't know how to start!!

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Postby Oleg » Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:55 am

Hi. Your idea is great.
In my point of view you need to go in this way (it is only my point of view :) ):
1) need to work with some news web service(for example via RSS is very good solution). Or you have your own news portal/site, if yes, you need to create web service API.
2) need to create and use database, also you will have problem with images. There are 2 solutions:
- download images and put dynamically in news
- store images to file system and put images from file system. I don't recommend to save them to DB.(best practice is store in DB path to images)
3) need to create custom list view. Bind every list elements with table elements
4) need to promote your application(promote at is very good solution)
5) need to be happy :)

It is short description. (only from my point of view).

Good luck.
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