New Logging Framework for Android. NEED HELP!

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New Logging Framework for Android. NEED HELP!

Postby Merronk » Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:17 am


I'm completely new to Andoird, but I have a task to write a new logging Framework (I know there are some others, but I need completely own). It must do several tasks:

Program looks into one Folder (SD or intern is choosable in inside preferences), if there are some files (filecount and filesize are in preferences too), it takes the latest one and looks for free filesize. If there is some more space, the log will be written, if there is no more space, the older file will be deleted and newone created. Filename contains the actual Date in ideal it must be renamed to a new date.log every time.

There are 4 types of Log messages:
- info (msg)
- info (msg and exception)
- error (msg)
- error (msg and exception)

Every Log message must have a form of: Time | Level | Classname | Text | Exception (if there is one)
And every Log message must take one new line in file.

Do you have any ideas?

At first I can't understand how to:
- search for a file in a folder
- read filename
- compare filenames (which one of the log files is the latest one)
- check filesize
- catch informations and exceptions

Any help is needed! The source code of the complete work will be given here and will help us all!

Let's do it together :-)

Sorry for my English!
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