Never lose my stuff - backing up app data

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Never lose my stuff - backing up app data

Postby Russ_T » Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:37 am


According to the Android Design Principles

Never lose my stuff
Save what people took time to create and let them access it from anywhere. Remember settings, personal touches, and creations across phones, tablets, and computers. It makes upgrading the easiest thing in the world.

which I think is great. The app I'm designing involves storing photos and data about them. Is there a good way to back this up? I could sync with a webservice I could write/host, but then I'm opening myself up to potentially large bandwidth/storage charges.

I considered using drop box or something, but that would require my non tech savvy users to sign up. Is there any easy way to integrate the google cloud service (as my users will of course have a google account)? What do people normally do when they want to meet this design principle?

Many thanks
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